Top Ten Philly Pros & Cons

Pro: City of Brotherly Love (now the City that Loves You Back)
Con: high murder rate

Pro: Proximity to New York City
Con: It’s NOT New York City

Pro: Indefatigable faith that things will get better
Con: Illegal wiretap in Mayor’s office and Molotov cocktail in opponent’s office

Pro: Penn
Con: Temple (what a SHOT!)

Pro: Classic architecture
Con: 60,000 abandoned homes

Pro: Seven major sports stadiums in massive south side sports complex
Con: Only four major sports teams

Pro: William Penn’s original grid, and upscale Center City
Con: North, West, and most of South Philly

Pro: Once called “the Workshop of the World”
Con: The shop is closed

Pro: Low rents and housing prices
Con: Who wants to live in Philly?

Pro: Two major rivers flow through Philadelphia
Con: They’re brown

Pro: Close to Washington, Baltimore, and NYC
Con: CLOSER to Camden, Wilmington, and Newark

Pro: Hoagies and Cheesesteaks
Con: Hoagies and Cheesesteaks (fattest city in the nation)

Yo! Philly’s the s@#t!

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