In My Daydream

In my daydream
I walked among the animals
I was a fire fightin’ monkey kingin’
Count of cash
The devil defied me
Then took a look
and shriveled at the challenge
Ain’t Nobody taking my life today
I roamed my decaying kingdom
Streets of asphalt and addiction
I peddled pride to the pusher
And evil to the elegant
I was looking for evidence of a plan
I found it in brownstone
I found it in all the little pieces of garbage
Laid out thoughtful and careless
Thrown in the street
Someone else’s memories
I was a schemer
A fucked-up master dreamer
With plans to rule the world
And turn it into all the things
That spin in my mind
They do it all the time
With reckless disregard
With relentless conviction
As for my fellow men
The white warlock
The black butcher
The asian animal
The Hispanic heretic
The native nihilist
Gather them up
Put them in a jar
Shake it with violence
And pour it out
What you will find
Is evidence of my plan
I walk between this world and that
I spin the world and make it real

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