Best I Could

You were killing angels
And robbing saints

Painting them black
With your guilty paints

I would have tried to save you
But I’m not quite there

I Would have forgiven you
But I couldn’t stand to bear

The weights which make good men
The balance only makes sense

To saints who have seen the end
And in my defense

I did the best I could.

Went back to the nursery
Reversed the lie of fate

Took comfort in the things I know
Like the night coming late

Exposed the side which thinks too much
Of that which will not change

I’ll carry all my sins with me
And those I’ve rearranged

And I hope that it’s good

I did the best I could.

Father, where are you now?
Please make it good

Tell me that you love me
I know you did the best you could

Mother, will you hold me now?
And tell me its okay

I’ll take you both with me
When I blow away


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