Gettin’ Down Wit Buddha

I was feeling kind of hollow inside…just kind of empty, you know?So I sat down at the old internet and read, for at least twenty minutes, a website extolling the many wonders of Buddhism.

So I’m good.
Yep, yep, got it.
Four noble truths,
Something or other
Kama sutra and all that

So no man, it’s cool
I got it.

So let me just kick back here and groove out on this enlightenment shit.

Just…let me get a little…more…comfortable

All right, cool. Just chillin’ on some straight up Buddha and letting the killer chi roll through……..ok, I’m bored!

I’m suffering for a sandwich. Suffering for a cocktail and perhaps a little porn.

Yeah, so I’m just gonna work on this “becoming Buddha” shit tomorrow.

Mark my words.


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