Travelogue: Tokyo-Narita International Airport

A Korean Air Boeing 777 at Narita Internationa...

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I’m in Tokyo for the first time, and only in Narita International Airport, but already I am pulled toward the place.  It’s got spunk, style, origami wonderlands and kooky cold beverages.  One can’t help but amaze at Asia, or the wisdom of a face just months old telling a familiar but unique history to the travelers in the next row.

Why Singapore for all of these temporary Tokyoites? It’s confusing, but you’ve got to just let it all go—the young girl in the bookstore  thoroughly perusing a selection of men’s magazines (not talking Esquire or GQ here…think Japanese versions of Hustler or Juggs); the Muslim, head covered, computing on his state of the art MacBook; the oblivious man stumbling into my way in a convenience kiosk, then, upon realizing his invasion into my personal space, bowing to me and apologizing profusely.  And what’s with all the advertisements for Guam, which despite strong efforts cannot avoid seeming a second class Philippines?

Then these strange (and giant!) English speakers, who could have chosen to sit in any of the hundreds of empty seats in the vicinity, but chose instead to crowd me. 

Until next time spunky, stylish, quixotic Tokyo.

Life Imitates Art? Life IS Art

Could living be an art?

Poorly drawn, roughly executed
But still just a matter of perspective
Open to interpretation
A matter of materials
Or is style its essence?

And what of the crazies that produce it
Misunderstood, mere conductors for something bigger

Something more important for what it inspires than what inspired it to be?

What A Day

“Love cannot afford to be hidden” she said, smiling and wearing a red dress she knew would drive me mad.  And a kiss…I swear I smelled strawberries.
And the day was sunshine and innocence and good tasting medicine.

I can still smell those strawberries, nearly all the time.  And I dream dreams of hands holding hands, warm days, cool breezes, and minted craftsmanship that makes me believe.

Personals Ad

Male.  Between 25 and 45.  Likes to do things.  Has family and friends.  Part of workforce.  House trained. Has emotions.  Found attractive by certain percentage of the population.  Ten fingers, ten toes.  Likes to eat out at places or eat at home.  Regular flossing and brushing.  Not the worst looking guy in the world.  Thin by comparison to some others.  Interested?  Hit me up.