Everything Nothing Something

I ask, do you love me?
I think I give myself I way
I turn my heart out
For everyone to see

You ask, do I love you?
In time I surely will
For now, you are leaving
Are you with me still?

Life has a way
Of killing you slowly
It’s good
It’d bad
It’s crazy
It’s sad

And life has a way
Of making you lonely
Your friends
Your lovers
Your Mom
Your Dad

Baby can you hear me?
Even across the miles
Jesus can you hear me?
Am I still your lovely child?

Buddha can you teach me?
I’ve been lost out here a while
Baby can you save me?
With just one smile

Once in a while

Life has a way
Of being the only
Gift you gave
You cherished
You saved

And life
It just may
Leave you so lonely
You pray
To stay
So close

And it’s all the same
Everything, nothing, something
It’s just a game
It’s nothing, something, anything
Forget the blame
It’s your thing, my thing, nothing
Forget the shame
It’s nothing…

The space that’s between us
Proves there’s weight in the air
These truths that bind us
Make lies too crude to bear

Where will the hours find us?
And how will our bodies wear?
And if the hours blind us
Are we too blind to care?

Well I don’t care

‘Cause life has a way
Of showing you the only
Paths to take
And plans to make

And life has a way
Of showing you slowly
That you are okay

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