Pros & Cons of Bus Ridership

Pro: Inexpensive form of transit
Con: Inexpensive form of transit (carries its own aesthetic and social costs)
Pro: Reduces VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled)
Con: Increases VMTNTTCLFDTB (Vehicle Miles Traveled Next to That Crazy Lady from Down the Block)
Pro: Handicap/disability accessible
Con: Hoodrat (thug) accessible
Pro: Convenient routing through most major areas and neighborhoods
Con: Runs once a day through most major areas and neighborhoods
Pro: Convenient card-based fare system
Con: Always out of money
Pro: Least infrastructure-intensive mass transit option
Con: Supports our most infrastructure-intensive mass transit option (road network)
Pro: Affordable and important part of inter-modal transport systems
Con: Can you say LOSER CRUISER?
Con: Can’t eat or drink on bus
Pro: Fine selection of gum underneath bus seats you can enjoy upon alighting
Pro: Bus driver friendlier in morning than grouch-ass carpool mates
Con: Cheerfulness of bus driver in morning makes me want to stab his eyes out with a rusty spoon
Pro: Promotes community, awareness of environmental costs of transit
Con: Community overrated, no one cares about environmental costs

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