Oh, Huge Brain, You’re So Funny

Oh, brilliant, weighty, substantial, substantive, clever brain, why won’t you let me sleep?  That’s a rhetorical question of course, but I’m sure you already knew it– you’re kind of smart like that!  :O)

I used to question you, oh wonder of wonders, conqueror of doubt, and multi-tasker extraordinaire–as to why despite your massive intelligence and seeming all-knowingness, you chose to process such awesome amounts of information so very close to bedtime, rendering me helpless, a mere observer to your jaw-dropping information crunching power, power so intense as to be akin only perhaps to the world’s most blazingly speedy supercomputers daisy-chained together and plugged into God’s own power strip and by the man himself I might add!

But now I know better.  I know you are just too powerful, oversized, smart, amazing, gifted, and full of the types of knowledge that gives the most revered and inspired philosophers boy-like wet dreams each and every night—you just can’t contain yourself, can you?!?

You’re so funny, Brain.

Maybe I can explain it (thanks to you) by perfect analogy. It’s like lightning striking a droplet of water—something’s got to give, and it ain’t likely to be the your shining bolt of totally fantastic greatness.  Splish-splash you’ll be havin’ a bath, then explaining to the water molecules what the heck just happened!

It’s kind of like you’re working overtime.  Only its not because you’ve got a self-esteem issue or are worried what the boss thinks—no, that’d be just plain silly.  No, it’s more because you are just that committed to running the numbers, searching for clues, considering the options, weighing alternatives, reviewing the day’s events, running probabilities on tomorrow’s, and, well, probably simultaneously researching, pondering, and reflecting on 101 other challenging and infinitely luminous items of great import.  If I weren’t so sleepy, it’d be fun watching you go, go, go!

Simply put, though you can be a pesky little guy, one who robs me of my precious shut-eye, you’re just a mind-blowing (ironic since you’re my mind) little genius of a scamp, and I love ya!  It’s time I stop being so selfish about things like rest and rejuvenation.  You’re obviously quite busy!

Oh, and that time I took that pill to shut you the hell up?  You didn’t seem to take it too well.   My bad!


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