New York: Part 3

Part three in a three-part series of writings done during my two-year stint in the world’s greatest city…

A man who works for the City decides he is leaving

He tells his closest friends and swears to himself that liberation has a smell

It smells like a subway platform headed out of Manhattan

The man shuffles his iPod & it plays a song undeniably reminiscent of his former and soon again to be current life.  A song associated (by name no less) with a friend in whom he has just confided he is on his way home.  What are the odds?

The train lurches slowly, “Tony’s Theme” ends, and the iPod shuffles.

He reads his book and one sentence moves him:

“We’d read enough books and seen enough highways to know what a lovely moment was.”

He suspected that he too had seen those highways, and had seen some lovely moments. 

Looking back but too looking homeward, there was surely more there that could have been won, but certainly nothing had been lost. 

The iPod shuffles coincidence as if it were nothing.


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