Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? It’s Both, You Freaking Idiot

Well, I guess the title kind of says it all.

But lest you think the raw power, the curious structure, or the liberal use of a metaphor is lost on me, it’s not. I am clearly aware of my own quite (and probably overly) literal pecking at the nape of what, for many, is undoubtedly at least a useful thought, if not a philosophical gem…the “half full or half empty” conundrum.

But I’m here to tell you that metaphors aside, at least in my experience, it is literally true that this Barney the Dinosaur “sippy” cup we call life is simultaneously half empty and half full.  By definition, in fact.  And by necessity, to go even further (and I verge now upon the hallowed ground of many legitimate, actual philosophers)…for without half empty, there is no half full.  It’s sip-ple.

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