The Best of My iPhone Memos

So yeah…having the handy “Notes” feature on my iPhone is the best thing since the paper pad, plus I actually use the “Notes.”  Despite the handiness, however, I gotta say the return results discovered long after the fact are sometimes…well…cryptic and/or frankly comical.  Anyway, who am I fooling…this whole thing’s a lark…below, some of the finest random notes (edited for the masses) delivered from yours truly, sQuelchy’s iPhone.

“Power team. Kellogg Forum. Sympathetic drive. Highway 81 revisited. Paul Pond, Esquire. Eric Nelson’s. Subway, NUS, and the Feelies. Smoking wood ticks from a pipe. Ghost lady in the woods. I gotta stare at that thing. Randy Rooker makes poverty look elegant. I like to masturbate on a frozen lake. Beat my Dad at tennis. Flashing Blades Stang. Dad, you look like hell. Cutting our own Christmas Tree. In search of the sand dune: in search of BEBUS. Family vacation: Florida. The Astre and the Scottsdale: that’s not livin’. Why is my brother hijacking my birthday party? Bible Camp Showdown/How I got this Big Egg on my Forehead. We killed knucklehead. Watching the tail dance. The “Buildings.” My first “tattoo.””

“Appreciate every day. Create for. Look around the edges. Prove how special.  Act once in a while. Picture life without.”

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