The Best of My iPhone Memos

So yeah…having the handy “Notes” feature on my iPhone is the best thing since the paper pad, plus I actually use the “Notes.”  Despite the handiness, however, I gotta say the return results discovered long after the fact are sometimes…well…cryptic and/or frankly comical.  Anyway, who am I fooling…this whole thing’s a lark…below, some of the finest random notes (edited for the masses) delivered from yours truly, sQuelchy’s iPhone.

“Power team. Kellogg Forum. Sympathetic drive. Highway 81 revisited. Paul Pond, Esquire. Eric Nelson’s. Subway, NUS, and the Feelies. Smoking wood ticks from a pipe. Ghost lady in the woods. I gotta stare at that thing. Randy Rooker makes poverty look elegant. I like to masturbate on a frozen lake. Beat my Dad at tennis. Flashing Blades Stang. Dad, you look like hell. Cutting our own Christmas Tree. In search of the sand dune: in search of BEBUS. Family vacation: Florida. The Astre and the Scottsdale: that’s not livin’. Why is my brother hijacking my birthday party? Bible Camp Showdown/How I got this Big Egg on my Forehead. We killed knucklehead. Watching the tail dance. The “Buildings.” My first “tattoo.””

“Appreciate every day. Create for. Look around the edges. Prove how special.  Act once in a while. Picture life without.”


“Idea…is it wrong if my best moments are solitary? Observing a crowd…beer philosophy…watching girlfriend sleep over our otherwise happy waking moments?  If so, why? If not, why?”

“Harp/clown shadow chest, garage, wood, not good. Large vertical art ramp installation, trouble, darkness, fall, basement w/ no windows or doors, chimney where I’ll stay…or not.”

“Bohemian Rhapsody as a FASCINATING case study.”

“O’Rourke on wealth of nations. Idiot America. Cornel West–democracy matters and race matters.  Looking for Spinoza. The stuff of thought. DMT: Spirit Molecule. Human, all too human. Philosophy of the flesh. Russell–unpopular essays.”

“Perception of own body, of skeleton and muscles, as opposed to animals, who are trapped in a vague “I.” This is indeed a substantial difference, one indicative or conducive to soul?”

“Music as the ultimate art form…economic verbal/written space plus the extra “stuff”–the ups and downs that really define our lives and times.”

“How can you be an OG in S’pore, though not at home, but how that’s still a blast/advantage.  Proximity effect–‘hood to the city, city to the ‘burbs, ‘burbs to the farm.  Leave the country, buffer is bigger but former proximity is tighter…becomes closer to your “roots.””

“Fear. Trapped. Resentment. Insignificance. Failure. Jealousy.”

“Fake grit…fashion and attitude.”

“Morning Glory. San Pedro. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Mimoso Hostilus. Nutmeg. Dextromothorphan. Jimsonweed. Diphenhydramine…large dose. Kava drink. Diethyl ether. Nitrates. Para/Codeine. Kratom.”

“Cultural differences and relative intolerances or prides. Coming in, however, a fundamental act of open-mindedness.  Exposure key. Credentials will be questioned. Be bolstered in the credentials of others. Be sure in the breadth of your training. Memory and memories, the differences, limitations and glories of.”

“Classically trained jazzman. Berkeley school. Up and comer. Run from everything. Instruments as life source. Small inheritance. Self-styled uber-intellectual. Philly, Cincy, the ‘Lou.”

“Jona-quote: Today let someone else be the hero, and tomorrow you too may be.”

“Class Valedictorian to motherfuckin’ boot.”

“What’s YOUR band called?”

“Sorry to be a downer, but being far from home?  It’s a bitch, yo.”

“It’s like living in hell but then realizing even hell has some interesting vistas, some decent eateries (though the food is very spicy), etc.”

“Stage and competition, friend, remembrances…what will you be remembered for? Friend-like girl saying go big if you’re going to go. ‘Bout to cut off own leg with a steak knife…how it will look and be packaged. Sorrowful moment but she insists on telling her own friend the story first…”

“Gut mine.”

“Hey, young buck, until you become a man you’re just another kid at the local subway (the train, not the restaurant).”

“This just in: I want to be smarter than you.”

“7 Traits of Moderately Effective Persons: #7) Able to remember to bring lunch nearly every day.”

“He and me, same experience but different….you can only know what you know and there are different ways of knowing….days the champ, days the chump…there’s not going to be a great comedian every night.”

“I take one just to get things started.  I take two just to feel all right. I take two, early in the evening. I take three so I can make it all night. And it’s not that I’d say I have a problem, it’s just living in the Golden Age.”

“Kuusamo. Oululaam.”

“Reflecting it was OUR group, not some group, not some other group. You might have been family, a friend, or a particularly pleasant acquaintance. You might be many things. But I say to you that you ARE family, you ARE a friend, and you are MORE than a casual acquaintance. You might be many good things.”

“Position A…Position B…my opinion…intellectual masturbation.”

“Presentable is much shittier than stylish.”

“If, perchance.  All the way. Oh HELL no.”

“I just ate too many crackers.”

“Would that I were. Could that I might be someday. Might that infer? Something I could one day be.”


One thought on “The Best of My iPhone Memos

  1. The gc says….we each live in our world within a world and each of these worlds are constantly changing. Therefore it is not possible to predict with any certainty the outcome of any of the parts because they are all changing at different parameters. Dud

    Sent from my iPhone

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