Political Miscourse

The Man’s been calling
Says he wants my vote
I got down to stalling
I wanted his throat

The Man says the solutions are simple
Raise, cut, redefine, redistribute
I suggested problems and a couple of wrinkles
Class warfare and war warfare & crony tributes

I wanted him gone but it got me to thinking
How far apart we were but how we’re both sinking
How we both thought we needed some major tinkering
And how the state of the world could drive a man to drinking Continue reading


Top Ten Reasons I Don’t “Facebook” (Much)

1) Quite content with corded-phone technology

2) I don’t care what you’re having for dinner

3) Big Brother is watching

4) Didn’t need Facebook to reach personal goal of 600 friends

5) Do you really know how many people have embarrassing pictures of you??

6) Relationship “Status” too frightening to contemplate

7) If we haven’t talked in ten years, we apparently don’t like each other that much

8 ) Trying to prove to friends that I don’t “have to” do it

9) Other things to do

10) Waiting for “Bodybook” before making my big appearance