I Just Got My Personal Letter From Mitt Romney & Man, Am I Disappointed

I picked up the mail today and, what’s this, a personal letter from Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney?  I’m touched that a man of his pedigree would take time out of his busy day to write me.

So let’s have a look at this bad boy.

“Dear John,”

Okay, right there, off to a bad start.  There’s no ‘h,’ and I rarely shorten my name.  Really, I only allow it from close friends and family members. But this is Mitt Romney we’re talking about, so maybe I need to let this minor faux pas slide.  Moving on.

“I am running for President of the United States and because you are one of America’s most notable Republicans, I want to personally let you know why.” Continue reading


101 Reasons to Love Sarah Palin (Satire)

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1)     Perky, perky, perky

2)     Husband a world champion “snow machine” racer

3)     Fashionable sense in glasses

4)     Cares about her family more than you care about yours

5)     Most patriotic woman alive

6)     Penchant for exotic Christianity (Pentacostal)

7)     Opposes protection for whales, who have been hogging the spotlight for years

8)     Qualifications City, baby! Continue reading