Political Miscourse

The Man’s been calling
Says he wants my vote
I got down to stalling
I wanted his throat

The Man says the solutions are simple
Raise, cut, redefine, redistribute
I suggested problems and a couple of wrinkles
Class warfare and war warfare & crony tributes

I wanted him gone but it got me to thinking
How far apart we were but how we’re both sinking
How we both thought we needed some major tinkering
And how the state of the world could drive a man to drinking Continue reading


American Haiku

My lips are freezing
In chilly North Chicago
My heart is too warm

My ankles have burned
On sand as hot as Texas
Beached within the South

Somewhere lost between them
A child walks far too slow
Gone to all who knew her

‘member the children
Our flesh will wither too soon
The future’s gift they’ll be

Are they forgotten?
Or just part of us?
Held in heart, hostage?

Lost there is nothing
A country is merely land
People are shadows

If I found her
I’d color her lips with warmth
Protect her from Chicago

I would give her faith
In southern Texas sand
Wrap her feet with care

There is America
Land that won’t swallow her young
Devoted to their finding

In my dream
My flesh withered too soon
But children are safe and warm